I don't do it unless I can justify it, for two reasons:

1. The light is too low to shoot at box speed, but the subject matter is interesting enough that I have to try anyway.
2. To help with tonality. For example, TMax 100 shot at 250-400, push processed in Xtol 1+1 to normal highlight density, agitated every minute, has a tonality that's remarkably similar to Kodak TXP. TMY-2 @ EI 1,000-1,250 with similar treatment is another option for that. (This was something I did to prove to folks that just because one film is going down the tubes doesn't mean that all is lost, so this I actually don't use anymore).

There was a time where I tried to push process quite a few different films, and at the time it was interesting to do, but I quickly realized that it is a compromise, and like you I now consider it a last resort. Today 99% of the time I expose somewhere between EI 200 and 500 with Tri-X depending on lighting conditions, all of which I consider 'normal' exposure.