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Not just the "big auction sites" I saw a roll of 110 out dated of Fuji color for $19.00 on a online store and today on C list someone is selling a K1000 with a couple of 3rd party lenss for $300. Last year someone was asking $1000 for a Konica T 4 with winder and 3 lens, I called the seller and asked what was her thought process was, the kit was worth $125 to $150, she told me that she knew that but if someone was willing to pay her $1000 she would take it. I dont know if her ever sold it, never saw it posted again.
Sounds like one smart lady to me. People used to use me and other dealers to value their photo equipment that they wanted to sell. I finally got smart when they would ask, "what's this worth"? I'd finally just say to them, "whatever you can get" and leave it at that. Remember what P.T Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute". At least I think he said it. I also think he is way off for our time. More like a sucker born every1/2 sec........JohnW