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Why not use a tripod indoors? Depends on what kind of photography I suppose.
I agree about 'type' of photography matters. From my own perspective, I shoot a lot of hand held portraiture. Using a tripod is usually not going to work unless I am working with somebody that is good at posing, because it takes away that element of spontaneity and surprise, where people are not yet quite realizing they are being photographed, where they look relaxed and natural. After that moment has gone, 90% of people freeze up and start to try to 'look their best', resulting in them looking completely unnatural, stiff, and frozen up and there simply is no time to readjust a tripod. It's a matter of a split second, and it's busy work just to get the focus perfectly done.
The attached picture of my second cousin Carolin is basically a 'surprise' moment, where she wasn't really aware that I was pointing the camera at her until I made her aware. The next frame was terrible. That was Tri-X at 800.