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I have FRESH, IN DATE, ALWAYS FROZEN Ektar 100 4x5 on eBay right now for $24.50 per box with CHEAP SHIPPING. No buyers. Go figure.....

Maybe I should keep it until it's 10 years OOD and then sell it for twice the money??
If you keep it frozen and you don't need the space I'm sure it will increase in value when you can't get it anywhere. I had some old (in the little foil pouches) TechPan developer stashed away for whatever reason. That was until I saw what they were going for on eBay. Needless to say I don't have them anymore. About 8 mos. ago I was in a local camera store a saw a full box of the stuff for $3.00 so I bought it. When I checked out the clerk looked at me a little funny and ask what I was going to use it on and I said some Fuji Acros, which I was buying also. He just smerked and I smerked all the way out the door. Oh, I did ask if he had anymore of the stuff and he said he didn't even know where they found that one. I actually sold all of mine to a fellow in Aussie land and he was very happy to get it.