Both Devin and Curtis manufactured tricolor sheet film cameras. These turn up for sale from
time to time but are quite tedious to refurbish. A few people still use them. The best color inkjet prints I have ever seen were scanned from old tricolor separation negatives, originally intended for either dye transfer or carbro. The reason they now have to be printed this way is that the originals were on acetate film, which is not dimensionally stable, so the negs are no longer exactly the same size, and had to be re-registered in PS. If the film base had been polyester, they could be used as is.
Tricolor cameras could also be hypothetically made on a beam-splitter prism premise, the way big
Technicolor movie cameras operated. For studio still-life work, you can simply make three sequential
exposures through red, green, and blue filters, provided you can maintain perfect register.