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There's a C33 Professional for sale locally for $200...should I jump on it?
The C33 is an older model (1965), but a great camera nonetheless. $200 is a reasonable price if it has been recently CLA'd and is in very good condition. Does it have more than one lens with it? The shutter comes with the lens assembly, so they tend to be expensive.

Pro: Well built camera with changeable lenses (I have the 65, 80 and 135 mm versions- there are more...55 to 250, I believe) Very sharp optics and pretty straightforward in use.
Con: Heavy as hell– not exactly a pocket model.

Important considerations that you can put in pro or con category as you think fit: Square format, TLR. I happen to think these are both pluses, but opinions differ. If you haven't shot with a TLR, try to borrow one for a roll or two to see if it's something you'll be able to get into. It's a very different experience from putting a small box up to your eye to take a picture. Tripod use is different as well– not hard, but you have to have an eye-level viewer or use a short tripod.

Medium format cameras with linked rangefinders also tend to be expensive, though as is the case with much of this older stuff, patience in shopping may pay off. "Jump[ing] on it" can prove to be short sighted. If, however, you like the camera, and can afford it, go for it. I have too many cameras to be the person who says "don't buy it" with a straight face.