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This is my first submission to the MSA. This is a tree I came upon on a walk in a local park. I'm calling it Old Man Willow. Although its not a willow tree, it looks a lot how Tolkien describes the roots of the great tree that swallows up the hobbits in Bombadil's Forest.

I finished the print on this picture a few days ago and scanned it in. Basically a straight scan other than getting the levels correct and applying Unsharp Masking in Photoshop. I still have a bit of work with getting the sky burned in better, but I'm fairly pleased so far. Hope you enjoy.

Nikon F2/HP5+
Printed 8X10 on Ilford Multigrade RC

Old Man Willow.
I like this, if you crop it square and follow the line of the larger vine on the right to eliminate the sky it would look like stone snakes or something, very cool


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