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Yoshihisa Maitani was a genius and came up with some fantastic cameras!

According to the May 1976 Modern Photography review of the OM2, OTF metering works different at 1/60 and above or less than 1/60. At 1/60 and above, it is off the first curtain. Below 1/60 and it is partially off the first curtain and film and will also adjust to the scene's lighting changes. I don't have a review of the OM4 so I am not certain if it continuous to work this way or not.

BTW, the only other camera that I know of that used OTF metering was the Pentax LX. This took the concept a bit further as it can meter for as long as it takes for a proper exposure or the battery dies - monitoring the scene for lighting changes and adjusting exposure in realtime.
The OM2 and 4 both work that way. The only difference is that the 4 increased the longest autoexposure time (2 minutes on the 2's and 4 minutes onthe 4's, as I recall). This allows the OM's to produce beautiful night exposures with just the push of the shutter button. I've taken shots that range from 15 seconds to several minutes, lit by candles, firelight or starlight and every time they have come out perfectly exposed.