The Fujica 35-SE was a 35mm rangefinder released in the late 1950s with sharp, high-contrast leaf shutter lenses.
The lens on this camera is a 45mm f1.9
It has automatic parallax correction
Light seals have been replaced and the shutter speeds are all working correctly.
Lens is dust and scratch free.
Focusing is done by wheel on back of camera not on the lens. The wheel can be seen in one of the photos.
The other thing about this camera that I really love is the hand grip on base of camera it makes holding the camera still a real breeze.
Also film advance is on bottom of camera which makes film advance simple and fast.
The camera was designed with the photographer in mind.
It is a real pleasure to use.
No for the bad news-
Unfortunately the meter is no longer working so it is SUNNY 16 with this beauty.
Asking $75 including CONUS shipping
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Thanks for looking