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You'd actually have quite a bit of options if you don't mind ugly looking camera and have $250 to spend. Very user Mamiya 645 and Bronica are quite available and in your price range. You may even be able to buy old RBs. If you buy from places like KEH, you can get a fully functional camera with a warranty. Unless you like TLR and that particular camera, I don't see a need to jump-in. By the way, Rolleicord and other TLRs are in that price range too....
I've looked at picking up an RB67 kit, but I'm worried about the backs needing to have their light seals replaced, and lenses add up. I've never replaced light seals before and don't really want to dump extra cash into a system to get it functional. Ideally, I would buy a proven set up from someone here, but it doesn't seem like many full kits come up in the classifieds.

I could care less what the camera looks like, or what condition it's in, so long as it's fully functional. I do not want a 645 neg; 6x6 and 6x7 are what I'm looking at hard right now.