I haven't printed yet, but the numbers are in... You can go shoot with this information...

I'm going to recommend Dektol 1:9 for 5 minutes (4 - 6 minutes) for a "N" Normal (7 stops) scene.

This should give about 0.45 Contrast Index (0.4 - 0.5 CI).

Approximately good to fit Grade 4 paper on a Diffuse Enlarger (Grade 4 - Grade 3).

I measured EI 80. But I will recommend underexposing by rating the film at EI 125. This will help "Zone V" approach 0.30 density (which is where LP Clerc says you will see the most graininess).

If you rate the film at EI 80 then "Zone V" density is around 0.60 (not bad in itself just not the grainiest).