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The link you posted is developer only, so you still need to drop about another $130 on other components. That's plan B, as I posted about before, but the Trebla kit is significantly less expensive. The SM tank components work out to about $190 for 10L, and the equivalent Trebla is about $95 with shipping. Since the Trebla is discontinued now, the SM will be the next setup I buy, most likely.
Yes, I was looking at developer only.

The other components are pretty cheap and/or mix yourself. Fixer, any kind/brand will do, even old "hypo" based ones. Bleach, probably the most difficult to put together and use with certainty. IIRC, PE has said that the modern ferric EDTA bleaches are used to reduced pollution, especially with the amounts of chemicals labs use. The old ferricyanide bleaches work fine and in home use is no threat to the environment. The Kodak Final Rinse, I can't speak to. MSDS here: http://www.freestylephoto.biz/pdf/ms...eplenisher.pdf

I appears that all of the homebrew kits use hexamine for the "stabilizer." Another perhaps defective memory nod to PE, but it is not a dye stabilizer like way back, but something to prevent organic nasties from developing - no pun intended - in the dye. I have just completed some research on readily available hexamine and will post soon.