I don't care too much about 1:1 macro to be honest, closer focusing would be nice though and I've heard that its a pretty good performer.

Well anyways everyone, again thank you all for chiming in and offering opinions, you were all really helpful and totally answered my questions. I like the idea of the F4, the features that it offers and how darn sturdy it seems to be, but the more I think about it, it may be "more camera" than I am looking for right now, and I mean that only in a physical dimension and noise sense. Personally I don't think I'd mind the weight, but I imagine a camera like that would hardly be discreet for shooting on the street (not that it would be the only environment I'd shoot in, and not to mention I have other equipment better suited to the task).

I think I'm going to give some serious thought to the FM2n, but when the day comes that I'm ready to buy, we'll see, I may still wind up with an F4 only time will tell.