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That Nightbird in both formats has of course to be twisted and re-spooled for normal use. But still bettter than no such film at all.
Not exactly over the counter consumer product then? The point I'm making, and this is no shrill doom-mongering as I'm an enthusiastic film user, is product lines are diminishing year on year and there is no commercial technological film research currently. I'm sure there were Leica users who used, say, Kodachrome exclusively and are no longer able to do so. What if Tri-X disappeared, what if Leica users were reliant on 200 ISO colour negative stock, or far-eastern 100 ISO monochrome? Would Leica investment values hold up at that point? It's hard to say, as even an ancient Leica 1 can theoretically shoot film currently but if they became purely museum objects..?

Some hitherto mainstream film lines are becoming quirky, cult purchases provided by monopolies to maintain or drop at will. That's the reality against which historic camera investment takes place.