Sorry to hear about the burnt roll.

It was a similar situation that convinced me to start developing myself. I was specifically buying BW400CN so that I could just take it to a drug store. Little by little the local places stopped developing and there was only one drug store that still did it. I dropped off a roll there and came back later to pick it up to find a lady working there completely irate with me for "ruining her machine".

When I asked what she meant, she accused me of purposely sabotaging her machine by not telling her it was black & white film and it had turned the machine into a sticky mess, mangling and destroying my film and causing some sort of unspecific mayhem within the machine as well.

After she was done, I grabbed a box of BW400CN from the rack beside her and showed her that it specifically said it was meant for normal process, even though it was black & white, so it couldn't have been my film. In response she didn't apologize, offer me a free roll of film or anything other than asking me to leave the store.