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Hello CyberTrash;
Get a precision oiler, with the camera folded up and resting on your lap with the back facing you, take out the five screws holding on the spring back. Remove this! On the left side of the camera are two bearings with a hole top and bottom. From the outside place two drops of oil in each hole. On the right side top is the winding mech. Place another two drops on the shaft, letting it soak in, and while you are there place a drop on the winder. Lower right is the tension setting knob, place a drop here and look for the shaft going into the curtain drum. Place two drops there letting it soak in. Put the back on, this usually takes me ten minutes to do. By the way, I have an extra Supermatic shutter that was CLA'ed to fit a 127 ektar. Military X syncro. The above instructions are for a Anniversary Speed Graphic, Steven.
That does sound fairly simple... No risk of any springs or other funny business going flying off acidentally? I assume this image would be a good approximation of what I could expect to find under the spring back?

About the shutter: Would you perhaps be willing to part with it for a certain monetary compensation?