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Yes the T model.. I asked Harry about the T in regards "are they any good"? I said.. if your wanting to use several hundreds of of rolls a month, it's probably not the best choise for that due to the fact a light less robust mechinism inside. But he went to say that T had a very good lens in it. I was mostly designed for consumer use. Lets fase it.. who out there shoots several hundred of rolls these days. Before I sent it off, I was totally impressed with the image quality.. pin sharp.

In the late 1980s I had several Tessar lens-ed Rolleiflexes, including a T. Of all I had, the T had the sharpest lens - I used Panatomic-X on a tripod and compared the negatives with a microscope, the subject matter was fine detail at infinity.

I've read but cannot verify that the Tessar used in the T had lanthanum glass to inprove on the corrections. The internals of the T may not be up to the standards of other Rolleis, but they are excellent by any standard. Use it and enjoy.

Too bad you can't get PKR-64 and really enjoy that lens...