I am looking for something but since I don't know what it is called generically, I have to describe it. I am hoping someone knows a source in US where I can purchase some.

There is an office product/supply that is like a binder/folder that has about 10 to 12 clear plastic bags in it where each can hold a letter size paper or 8x10 size photograph. Typically the opening is at the top and the content just slides in. These are usually heat sealed together and you cannot add any more pages. Front and back are usually thicker plastic of some kind. Some have front pocket, some do not. (I don't care which)

A company called ITOYA makes many of these and they call it "portfolio".

What I need is something like this but it needs to be inexpensive. There is no need for these to be archival or high-quality as my use will be temporary in nature but they do need to be inexpensive as I need 25 of them and possibly more. Office Depot used to have these at less than two dollars but I could not find one anymore.

Looking through Amazon didn't help as I don't know the generic term for this product. If someone can help, it'd be great.