Leica is moving back to Wetzlar right on time for the 100th anniversary of the brand.
By November 2013, The 'Optical City' of Wetzlar will host the production, administration and customer care divisions of Leica Camera AG.
The new site, built in accordance with the latest energy-efficiency standards will be a new home to around 600 Leica employees, the projected ground-plan area is around 27.000 mē, construction cost is 55 million euros.

As a reverence to Oskar Barnack In 2007 Dr. Kaufmann, Christian Skrein, Otto Nemenz, Alfred Schopf and Iain Neil initialized the first Leica Cine Summilux-C T1,4 lenses.. 8 primes average 17 elements, with at least two aspheric element surfaces and greater than full frame cine coverage.

Since 2011., RED offer lens adapter so M or LTM lenses can be used. There is increase of feature films and high end ads shot with Noctilux, Summilux, Summicron etc. etc.

Demand and prices for new or second hand Leica M or LTM glass is up.