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It will work, that is it will stop the chattering, but it will eventually spread and leave the bearings dry - as all petroleum oils will. You need a synthetic, vegetable, or animal oil, these oils have the property of "staying put" when applied to clean surfaces.

Nye or Moebius are two brands to look for online, you'll not find them at any local stores. You'll neeed to clean the mechanism first though, which means disassemble, clean the working surfaces with solvent and reassemble.
Then, apply a very small amount of oil ot the pivots. A steel pen - the sort you dip in ink - is a good way to apply the oil.
The entire cleaning process does seem a bit daunting, allthough I can't really say it "chatters" as such, I simply suspect that the speeds may be off as the body shutter has some other problems (the selector lever being stuck).