Where in the GTA are you?

I would be pleased to host others to print images for themselves in one of my darkroom areas from time to time.
I am in SW Mississauga, and actuallly am on a public transit route with a fairly direct link to the Lakeshore GO if that is an issue as to how you get around. PM me if interested.

There are also Gallery 44 downtown ( kind of pricey, I believe), and Latow's, a camera club in a community arts centre mmunity darkroom out in Burlington if you want to print images on your own.

I have my main enlarger to 4x5 inch in the primary darkroom, a secondary one to 6x7 in the adjacent laundry room, and to 5x7 inch in the adjacent workroom (too big for the compact darkroom).

All have filters fitted or are dichroic sources to allow printing on MG B&W paper, and lots of trays and paper so more than one can be working at a time.
Separable areas with separate white and safelight too, although I have not actually worked the space separately with another at the same time to see how workable the set up really is.