Got a bunch of tanks and some loose reels. Lower 48 only, please. Send me your address if you want something, and I'll calculate shipping. Thanks!

1. Paterson Tank System 4 with two reels $15
2. No-name "Made In Spain" 1x120 or 2x35 Paterson style tank. No reels. Bought new, decided I wanted to slosh more liquid around, so I upgraded. Works just fine. $5
3. Stainless no-name Nikor style tank. 2x120 or 4x35. Comes with two 120 s.s. reels. $10
4. Stainless no-name Nikor style tank. 1x120 or 2x35. Comes with one 120 reel. $10
5. 2x120 reels. No name. $5
6. Nikor branded 1x35 tank with lid, NO CAP. Sorry, seems a shame to chuck it. If you happen to have a cap, you're in luck. I'll also throw in an extra lid with no cap, just because I'm that kind of guy. $5