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i have a pro tl body... the rewind crank isn't at all wobbly. because of the shutter speed dial there is only one way to get the winder or the crank on, so it is really foolproof, (thank god).

with the 645e that doesn't seem to be the case - is it possible it's not seated properly? did you ever use it - maybe it's for another 645? is it the locking mechanism, or the winder? since the 645es was a "specialized package" from mamiya (see ken rockwell site) is it possible it had a unique mechanism?

i'm guessing and some thoughts that i'm sure you've had... but might lead you somewhere...


I think I snapped it in correctly. I tried several times but still I get the wobble. The film advance crank looks like it has three parts; the small handle, the flat round piece the handle attaches to and the larger ring that connects to the body. The wobble is coming from the flat round piece that is between the small handle and the larger body attachment ring.

I remember using this film advance crank when I first purchased the camera years ago; I don't remember it feeling so wobbly. I'm wondering if it is either a "push/snap/turn" issue needed to get it to set properly or if there is some screw broken/missing?