Galvin 2x3 outfit, Ex-, $450 plus shipping
-Monorail body w/ 9" rail
-Recessed lens board
-3 flat lens boards
-Graphic 23 120 roll film holder w/ pin rollers
-Galvin Polaroid back for pack film (fits Fuji FP-100c etc)
For those unfamiliar with this camera, it will fit a standard roll film holder under the Ground Glass, even an RB67 holder will fit just fine. This is much handier than taking a back off for each shot.
Typical Jim Galvin workmanship.
Includes the 9" rail only, but that's been plenty even with a 210mm.

4x5 Graphic Grafmatic $80 plus shipping
Excellent working condition w/ 6 straight septums

Super Graphic lensboard with 1 1/2" hole $40 shipped in USA
Presslok tripod mount for Super Graphic $40, shipped in USA
Graphic (Super, Crown, etc, late 4x5 boards) to 4"x4" lensboard adapter, $65 shipped in USA

Right angle shutter release adapter for recessed lens boards, nearly new, $25 shipped in USA