I posted this idea in the thread about the trip Gene led to the Quabbin Reservoir last week, but it deserves a better audience than it may have gotten there.

In addition to teaching, I direct a gallery at the school where I work. It is nicely laid out, very well lit and accessible to the public at least every weekday and, with some creative management, on weekends. We host 6 to 7 professional shows of artwork a year, each lasting 4 weeks. We take no commissions on sales but suggest that selling artists might make a donation that is a small (10%) portion of their sales. Artists pay for the opening expenses (food, wine, whatever) and the school publishes a color card that is mailed to about 500 people. More cards can certainly be published. The school runs a very popular black and white photography program and would benefit from a show of work from this group. In fact, we view the gallery as a teaching space, a place where kids live with work long enough to make serious observations and really begin to absorb the lessons good work teaches. An ad in Art New England is a possibility but not a certainty.

Here's the rub: the first available time slot is a year from September. There is a possibility that we may be able to move to something next May, but I think not. A summer show, late this summer or next summer, is also possible, but it would take some arranging and has its own shortcomings. By the way, we are insured for visiting artwork to the tune of $25k. We have never had a visiting artist's work sustain any damage (15 years) and never had a theft.

Can we talk here? I've had a number of responses from people who read the former posting but I think there may be more of you out there for whom this could be a good thing. PM me. I'll post a good picture of the gallery soon.
And for the sake of this show, New England is a concept, not a geographic limitation. Where do you live?? (I did this to include dlin and sbuczkowski at the very least.)