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If the post to which you refer is the one I think it is where there is a reference to APUG then the poster makes two points and both could be regarded as reasonable

1. How much evidence is there that the drop in film demand has been reversed?

2. You will get a lot of processing of film at a lab for what the new Jobo processor will cost

OK the poster could be said to be tarring the whole of APUG with the same brush and his use of certain words such as delusional is provocative but had he simply said that he knows of no evidence that points to a film revival and anyone thinking otherwise is kidding themselves or is guilty of wishful thinking then I fear he may be right in that assertion.

It's a pity but that is probably the way things are

Here is some contradicting info from the real world:

Also, some google searches will produce a fairly long interview with Kodak CEO right after the chapter 11 filing, where he notes that the film division at Kodak, is one of only 4 profitable operations the company has, and he talks about the rise in sales to specialty markets.

Lomo is another example of phenomenal marketing capability, but they are selling more film (made by fuji, adox and kodak) than all three companies combined.

Firstcall in the UK is coming out with a 1GBP a roll C-41 10 roll kit made in the EU, which is a wholly brand new product, aimed a specific market segment, which apparently, is alive and well.

Either way - from where i am sitting it seems as though not all is lost after all, and more then that - stuff is getting better, its getting better all the time .