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There are other reasons for considering the Jobo. Labs are moving away from film processing. If you're in a major metropolitan area, you probably still have a local option. For others, though, film must be sent away, adding postage and turnaround time (which would bring the cost of the Jobo down even more. Assuming the postage costs are $2/roll, those 700 rolls could actually make the Jobo cheaper than a lab.
Could not agree more with this statement - mostly because most of our local Pro labs offer poor results in comparison to anything you get from a Jobo processor -
[QUOTE=eddie;1444174]Finally, the Jobo gives you complete control of your work. Choose whatever developer you want, alter times/temps/etc.

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$3500 doesn't seem like an awful lot to me, assuming one is planning to shoot film regularly far into the future.
700 rolls is far into the future? that should be about 3-4 days considering you shoot 8GB worth of photos when they are free... . But really, how long does it take any film shooter to go through several hundred rolls\plates?