I know of no alternative to Neofin Red. Neofin Blue is still made by Tetenal. It is an acutance developer. The closest developer to it is probably the Beutler formula or Ethol TEC. Photographer's Formulary sells the Beutler formula under the name Neofin Blue. This is confusing to people for the two developers are NOT the same if you look at the MSDS. The results are however somewhat similar.

Neofin Blue demands the upmost in care from the user from correct exposure to care in development. Failure to do so will result in poor quality negatives. Tetenal intructions are quite specific in this respect. So for anyone who is sloppy about such things as developer temperature, agitation, etc. then this developer is not for you. Used with a fine grain slow film (<= ISO 50) the results are spectacular. I might add that the developer gives an increase in speed depending on the particular film. So ignore the box speed.