Well.... if I analyze any of my hobby in terms of throughput and ROI (return on investment), all of them are in pretty sad shape. So what if I made some prints I believe are absolutely amazing? No one will buy them and for that, the absolute dollar value is zero. So the whole thing is a big waste of time and money. I might as well do absolutely nothing, drink some plain water and come infinitely ahead.

Let's not forget the fun factor and enjoyment of obtaining new gear and using them in our hobby. Although I don't do Jobo and I have no plan of getting one, I think it's absolutely neat that they are available again. Film may be declining or coming back, but personally, I really don't care. They are available. I plan to shoot and enjoy them as long as they are available.

At the end of MY day, that's what I care. I can get what I want, I have what I want, and I enjoyed my day.