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In my house they observe it from a platter, surrounded by roasted potatoes and mushrooms.

Marc, that is a truly bizarre ornament. Are you sure it isn't... uh... that it doesn't...

Oh hell. Does it take batteries?
Fred...no, it does not take batteries. It's like, you know, a rubber chicken but made from glass, like the old fashioned Christmas ornaments. I wish I had a more humorous and less boring reply but I couldn't think of anything in relation to the direction you were going with it...which I thought was pretty funny. Soooo, yeah...

rcam72: "Do pagan chickens observe the holidays?" I don't know if pagan chickens observe the holidays but I can tell you that my pagan chicken ornament has been observed, with many humorous reactions. When people first see it their heads tilt sideways with a puzzled look on their face and then they burst into laughter or at least a chuckle.

Shawn: "And I bet it lights up and crows at just the right moment, too." Please see my reply to Fred's comment.