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Ian - If you concede that there can be a difference of possibly weeks/months between A and B, is it not appropriate for one to suggest A is longer lasting than B if that is the question the OP posed? When each 1L of chemistry might cost a dollar or so, a month can matter and be akin to tossing $1 down the drain. If one can prevent wasting a dollar, a dollar saved is....

Fwiw OP, I am a Liquidol user, I don't print frequently, I mixed up 1L this summer and printed maybe 3 sheets in it, then bottled it up and have not been able to print till yesterday, it worked just perfect.
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I need something that will last in the cupboard for quite awhile, say 2 years since I develop infrequently. I'd prefer not to mix anything as the scale is shot and that's that and I'd prefer a bottle of liquid developer. Thanks.
Andy, my point is that all the PQ developers I've used have had a shelf life in exceess of the OP's 2 years, there's little point in the deliberate posts by some that deride formulae that have beenin use for around 60 years.

You also have to discount comments from people with a commercial interest in their own product.