I'm new to analog photography - I've been developing and printing my own film for a little less than a year. In this time I've developed about 20 films without using photo-flo or similar, since I originally decided to use the simplest process I could get away with while finding out whether I would enjoy analog photography. I rinse using tap water and hang the negs at about a 45 degree angle to dry and have never had a problem with drying marks.

Now I'm about to place an order for paper and chemicals for the next six months and am wondering: should I include Ilfotol (which is the only wetting agent available from the local distributor I'm ordering from)? On the one hand it seems to me that my process is working as it is, so why change it? On the other hand, it may be that I've just been lucky so far and I may be taking an unnecessary risk. On the third hand (!) some users report that adding a wetting agent to the process appears to cause problems...

Yes I've read lots of threads on wetting agents. No they haven't really helped me to make up my mind!

In case other aspects of my process are important, I'm developing 120 format Delta 100 in ID-11 (1+1) using a Paterson tank. I print mostly on MG4 RC paper but have also recently starting using Ilford MG Art 300 FB paper. I use HCA when printing on FB paper.