The Kodak book mentions using ground glass focusing. According to the book, you focus with darkest important part in the center, and stop down until detail is just barely visible.

The chart in the book is for super-XX, and shows in order, darkest detail seen at, then exposure time and f/stop, as follows;
at f/8 expose 32 seconds at f/16
at f/16 expose 8 seconds at f/16
at f/32 expose 2 seconds at f/16
at f/64 expose 1/2 second at f/16
Other exposures and values can be calculated from there, IE at f/11 expose for 16 seconds at f/16.

The book was Kodak's Master Photoguide, printed in 1951. I tried doing that with my digital, and got decent results. The correct times may need some adjustment for the newer ISO standards, as opposed to Kodak's index of 100 for film speed. Of course, reciprocity may be an issue. With the highlights, I would assume that if the exposure is longer than, say, 8 seconds, then development change would be needed.