Having acquired two LXs for not very much money a while ago, I've now had a chance to experiment with them (well, with one of them). The LX seems to have an almost mythical status in some areas, and its proponents seemingly won't hear a bad word said about it (rather like Stan Kenton fans!) However, it doesn't seem to get mentioned very often on APUG very often despite being, perhaps, the only true Pentax professional 35mm system camera.
Whilst it's a reasonable enough camera to use, I can't say that I'm blown away by it and there are at least four Pentaxes that I tend to favour over it - the K2, KX, MX and ES2. OK, the LX has more bells and whistles - the interchangeable viewfinder, backward counting film re-wind, strap lugs to hang it vertically, titanium shutter, etc. - but how often do these make a difference? My biggest gripe is that in manual exposure mode the reading is only discernable to one f-stop via the LED readout - the MX has half-stop LEDs. Perhaps my reservations are largely because at heart I like to use manual exposure and the K2 and ES2 are much happier in that mode (forgetting for the moment the need for good batteries to operate on some speeds and the KX and K2 of course use match-needle metering - much nicer than LEDs!).
I suppose that the difference tells in that when I was quite happy to spend out on a service for the K2 a few years back and likewise the ES2, the LX would now undoubtedly benefit from a service and yet I find myself reluctant to spend money when realistically I may never use it.
Anyone else out there care to comment on their love for their LX or otherwise?
Best wishes,