Yeah, I was aware Olympus weren't the only ones to put the shutter speeds there, I'd just never seen one in person. Also, did you take a picture of my OM-1, because mine has almost identical paint wear on the back hinge

Thanks for the suggestion to, everything on the camera seems not quite as smooth as my FE. If I decide to use it more I'll definitely send it in for a CLA, if only for the battery conversion. The battery that's in it still has juice but I know its only a matter of time.

So between having mirror lock up and the Varimagni I'm thinking it might be fun to try some close up/macro work with the camera. I've got the 55 Micro for Nikon and the working distance is pretty short, so the 50/3.5 is probably out for now and the 90 Macro is way out of my price range. Has anyone used a 135mm on extenstion tubes? KEH's selection is pretty small across the board right now.