After much consideration I have decided to take down my 601. Although having 2 enlarges up and running has its advantages and I really do like the 601, it just takes up too much space in my small converted master bath. My D 3 covers all of my formats, 35, 6X6 , 6X9, and 4X5. I seemed to have forgotten that I bought the Durst for the color head. I donít have a color head for my D 3, just the Variable Condenser and cold light and I wanted to print direct positive from 35mm and 6X6 slides, as soon as I bought the Durst both Kodak and Fuji stopped making direct positive paper.
Richard if you are interested post me your address and I will send you the masking carrier and condenser insert. I will not attempt to sell, there are 4 or 5 dust listed on C lists in Phoenix that have sold in past 4 or 5 months.