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Hello CyberTrash;
Yes, this is what you will see after the back is removed. You will notice that the shutter runs on two axles. The top axle runs in two bearings, on the left the bearing has a hole in it. Put two drops in here from the outside. Right side axle runs thru just above the winder knob, put two drops from the outside and one drop on the winder knob where it meets the plate. At the bottom of the plate is a slide lock for the shutter release. Make sure this is in the forward position. The bottom axle is oiled in the same matter except on the right side. Two drops placed where the drum meets the axle inside the camera. Also place a drop on the tension knob where it meets the lower plate. PM me with your email on the shutter, Steven.
Would this be with the shutter in the "O" position then?

I also sent you a PM.