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Andy, my point is that all the PQ developers I've used have had a shelf life in exceess of the OP's 2 years, there's little point in the deliberate posts by some that deride formulae that have beenin use for around 60 years.

You also have to discount comments from people with a commercial interest in their own product.

Hi Ian -
I didnít realize that those who use science to support their option are supposed to be discounted should he/she have a commercial interest too. I guess I should thusly discount anything that Bill Gates has ever said too considering I use Windows. I also attended a professional convention that was led by a person who also wrote a book on the subject of the convention, I guess I should discount his opinion too?
Now suppose one mixed up 1L of working solution of PQ based paper developer and 1L of lets say Liquidol. If the person then let them both sit on the shelf capped for 2 months, would they work equally well? I get the feeling that the PQ will not last as long, and therefore, might be consider longer lasting once mixed?
Just because a bottle of developer can sit in concentrate a while is a good virtue, but shouldnít one also consider the mixed solution in his/her decision? I think so and want the OP to consider that. I donít print frequently and have no desire to put photochemistry in my freezer, and therefore, think that if I print a couple of prints in a 1L working solution and bottle it up and print again in say 2 months a couple more prints, I believe, could be wrong, that something like Liquidol (which mind you ships for FREE in the US) might just meet the OPís needs. Price, free shipping (from Amazon), are also in the algorithmÖ.