The value of used cameras depend on a lot of things - not just the camera themselves (which can be quite a range) but also conditions and market. I have no idea what they are worth in your country and in your area.

When it comes to the cameras themselves, the value also depends on conditions and EXACTLY what you have. For example, for RB type cameras, the body itself comes in 3 versions. Original, -S and -SD. The back comes in 3 versions just like that also. The lens comes in at least 3 versions. Original, C, and K/L. The value could range as much as by factor of 3 from the least to the most. RZ is similar. Of course, a working and clean example will sell for more where as non-working and user camera will sell for less.

So you see, it's not an easy thing to say it's worth THIS much. If we give a range, it'll be useless because the range is so wide. There's so much we can tell from photograph, too.

If you know little or nothing about the pieces, you may just want to take them to a local camera store that deals with used cameras and let them tell you. As I eluded earlier, KEH has an online price estimator. You might check that, too so you know roughly what they are worth.

Most of us try to be as helpful as we can on APUG. However, we are running into limitations as to how we can help you.