I have never experienced delamination with Ilford RC the paper the 3 years I have been using them. However, I read somewhere (don't remember where) that it is not recommended to keep RC paper wet time longer than 15 minutes or so. The question is, what is the proper "workflow" when using RC paper, especially when it comes to washing?

Currently, I do not wash RC paper individually; I wait until the end of the printing session (I use a public darkroom) and wash all of my prints at the same time for 5 minutes. This means my prints may be in the water holding tray for about 2 hours, sometimes longer! Like I said, never had a problem but I sometimes see very small edge delamination. To follow the correct procedure, should I be washing an RC print as soon as it comes out of the fixer, i.e., individually for 5 minutes at a time?