I shot some rolls indoors last week with a Nikkormat FTn. It was hooked up to a strobe, directly via a synch cord. One roll was shot in a room with no windows; the other roll was shot in a room with a well lit side window. The strobe seemed to be working fine at all times. I use the strobes a lot with a Nikon D70 and have no problems with them. All images taken in the same sessions with the digital camera came out fine.

Roll number one basically came out blank, with extremely faint traces of image. Roll number 2 came out with very thin negatives. On inspection, it appears that the subject of the negatives on roll 2 was showing as lit from the side, ie the window.

Conclusion: The FTn was firing the flash, but the flash was not exposing the film. It must have been totally out of synch. I'm pretty sure the shutter speed I used was 1/60, so it should have been fine.

Anyone have any ideas as to how this could happen? I'm reasonably sure the synch cord was plugged into the "x" terminal.