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The main disappointment I have with my LX is that for a 'Pro' camera the fastest flash synch speed is 1/75th second whereas my ME Supers synch at 1/125th - I do a lot of outdoors fill-in flash -- even on my K10D it is only 1/180th second fastest synch speed -- other makes can manage 1/250th easily ! Also, the LX has the 'sticky mirror' syndrome where it sticks up if the camera has not been used in a while and it needs to be fired several times before the mirror becomes 'instant return' again.
Because the LX has horizontal traveled shutter curtains which limit its flash sync speed. All cameras with this type of shutter only have about the same max sync speed. How many cameras with vertical bladed shutter that also have mirror lock up. There are a few but not many as it difficult to make that type of shutter completely light tight and most depend on the mirror to help.