I am starting to experiment with Kallitypes, meaning I've ordered the kit from B&S, and I'm going to buy Arches Platine, which is only $6(!) a full sheet at Binders Art Supply here in Atlanta.

I need to set up a relatively small light source for 4x5 contact prints, and I'm a bit confused about what I need. Ideally, something I could grab at Home Depot, plug into a timer and go would be ideal. I've seen people using black light bulbs and all kinds of things, so I'm not sure what is best. A standard flourescent fixture would be great, if possible.

Right now, I would prioritize quick and relatively inexpensive over all other qualities. I don't want to sink too much into this until I know I'm going to enjoy printing this way.

Also, I assume these bulbs are safe for the eyes if they sell them at the Depot. Back about 15 years ago I experimented with platinum and had these bulbs that the lighting guy made me promise never to look at. I had a closet rigged up so I could set everything up, and turn it all on from a safe distance!