Main one that I can think of with both a vertical-run shutter and MLU would be the Pentax K2 or K2 DMD.

I am very surprised to see that they didn't use the same shutter in the LX. The K2 is a rugged, long-lived camera which stays accurate for years, flash sync is 1/125. Mine has had no attention beyond new light seals and a good clean, I did take the top plate off to press a dent out and get the hotshoe level again but everything underneath was pristine.

I'd like an LX, but aside from its legendary metering abilities in Av mode I'm not seeing anything to make me find the 200 or so to buy one and the 100 or so for a proper CLA. I already have a K2, a couple of KXs and four MXs. As it stands I'm more inclined to spend a bit less on a nice K2 DMD, which has a few upgrades over the original and can use a winder (if you can find one...)

Interestingly it seems that the K2's metering can also handle exposures of over 8 seconds in Av. I was finishing off the last couple of frames of a roll last week and tried some night shots. Rough timing with my watch suggested that it was happily producing exposures in the 20-30 second range. The batteries are sound and it has proven accurate on several previous rolls. I'll know whether it worked when the slides come back in a week or two. I know the M series bodies with a later version of the same shutter (not the MX which uses a cloth and springs shutter) can do this too, or at least some of them can.