Hello all,

New to the forum here and enjoying the content! I recently inherited some LTM lenses (35mm, 50mm and 90mm). I've been using them on my Sony NEX, however they made me really want to get back into film. I purchased a Canon 7 rangefinder of the web. The seller listed it as untested, but indicated that the shutter speeds seem to be accurate and the rangefinder was properly set. For $100 USD, I decided it was worth the gamble. However, upon testing, of course I realized a few problems:

  1. see the picture below. I feel like this is a problem with the film not advancing, as the statue is meant to be centered in the frame:
  2. Typically about halfway through the roll, the exposure counter stops advancing. It turns halfway to the next frame, then clicks back.

I feel like the take up spool is not working properly. It's really difficult to load as the little tab in the spool that catches the sprocket hole doesn't seem to grab the film properly. Is it possible that it is losing it's grip halfway through the roll and the extra slack is not allowing the film to advance?

I've never seen a problem like this before, as I've used a Nikon FM2N for about 20 years and never had any problems so I have nothing to compare it to. Any ideas? Is it worth repairing if it's anything major?