Back in the 80s I lusted after an LX but I never bought one. I did, however, buy an FA-1 finder from a store I worked at in Atlanta thinking I would buy one piecemeal but I never got around to it. Finally, in 2010 I saw one on Ebay without the FA-1 finder and thought I'd try it out. I got it, put the finder on it and sent it to Eric Hendrickson because of some minor issues. I liked it a lot, but the one thing that bothered me a bit is the smallish size of the camera. For 35mm slrs I like larger cameras although I don't have large hands. I love the feel of a Spotmatic, K1000, KX, etc. I ended up selling the LX last year but I'm glad I owned one. The one thing I do miss about it is the fantastic metering system, great for night shots.