I'm still working on my FX-37 experiment and it's going extremely well, but my mind was wandering ahead again. I want to make up some ID-68 to try with some Foma 100 and have everything except Boric Acid. I did a search for a sub for it, but none shows up. Then I remembered that I have a container of Roach Killer so I made a trip to the garage. The roach killer is made by Maxattrax and on the front it says "Roach killing powder with Boric Acid", which I believe is slightly misleading since the active ingredients are: Orthoboric Acid..............99.0% and other ingredients............1%. So, it seems they should have said "Roach Killing Orthoboric Acid powder with other (1%) ingredients. Anyway, enough of that. The question is do you think this will work for making up some ID68 and should I pretty much use the ID-68 formula weight for Booric acid with the "Roach Orthoboric Acid? I have a few old rolls of film for trial and error and the cost of making up a small batch would only be in the pennies. I just don't want to be doing something stupid and if I am for Gods sake please tell me. JohnW