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Which Sony nex do you have? I am interested in getting one. You are able to use the LTM lenses on the camera?
I have the 5n, which I got when the 5r came out. Only paid $349 for the body. The beauty of it is that you can adapt just about any lens ever made to it. For the LTM, I actually have the bayonet adapter with the LTM to bayonet on top of it. It was actually cheaper that way. Adapting lenses like Leica is great because it doesn't really increase the size much. The Nikon adapter, on the other hand, is rather large. And people always look twice when they see a new camera with a 63 year old Leica 5cm attached.

Also, the image quality is very impressive (it's a version of the Nikon D7000 sensor). I believe Sony used a weak AA filter as the sharpness is amazing (seriously, read the reviews!). Additionally, low light quality is very good. ISO 1600 has minimal noise, and 3200 and 6400 are easily cleaned up in Lightroom. Also, for manual focus lenses, it has a nifty 'focus peaking' feature, along with the ability to zoom in to fine tune focusing.

I picked it up after researching using legacy glass, like the LTM lenses. I love if for it's portability, it really makes me want to take it more places where my DSLR was cumbersome. And I'm extremely satisfied with the IQ. The only drawback for me is that the controls are not as intuitive as a SLR (or a rangefinder), but you get used to them. I highly recommend checking one out.