Is there anywhere where i can see some sample photos shot on this film? I want to find a good alternative since kodak has dropped Ektachrome, which i was happy with the results and felt was close enough to kodachrome for my liking, CR200 is supposed to be very close to Kodachrome, but i understand more grainy than E100G?

Agfa Presica looks a good alternative film too, and am interested to shoot that, as i understand its made by fuji?

The only offering Fuji has that im interested in shooting is Provia, looking at flickr samples, its fairly close to Kodak.

If anyone else can recommend a good film to shoot, im interested to know, or at least i would be happy to compare these films before purchasing.

Im new to shooting E6, so Kodak is all ive shot, but disneychrome doesnt interest me too much, i liked E100VS better for that use.

What are the best alternatives to E100G and E100VS?