A set of UV/IR, deep yellow, red and green filters is probably sufficient.

B&W (Schneider) filters are good, and Nikon filters too. Hoya HMC and Tiffen multi-coated filters are also good. I tend to find that on the shorter focal lengths it makes less of a difference, but on longer focal lengths, 100 and above, you definitely have to watch what you put in front of a lens.

If you are going to shoot a lot of landscape, then it is certainly worth looking at a set of gradual grey filters. I wonder at your lens choices too - they will be limiting for landscape work. A 24 and 20 mm lens would be very welcome in your collection, I think. If you stick with manual focus Nikons, then a 20/4 or 20/3.5, and a 24/2 or 24/2.8 will round out your kit nicely. And they all take 52 mm filters, IIRC.